Wyganowski design

Polish Silver Designer Jewellery from Wyganowski Design

Wyganowski Fine Jewellery was set up by Alice and Jakub Wyganowski over 30 years ago. They are both jewellery designers, but deal also with ceramic and Jakub with architecture forms and photography. They claim that an artist should care about everything that he is surrounded with and and mustn't be ashamed of expressing himself through other art forms.

Wyganowski Fine Jewellery is renowned for their extraordinary ability to procure, design and handcraft some the world’s most interesting and unique pieces of jewellery. Their collection exemplifies modern day design combined with old world elegance to produce truly outstanding and unique pieces of jewellery. Exquisitely handcrafted in silver with extreme focus on details using only the very finest coloured gemstones, our collection is exceptional in quality and extraordinary in style.​​

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