Polish Silver Designer Jewellery from Jolanda Gazda ~ Frou Frou

The FROU FROU label was created by Jolanta Gazda: a would-be mathematician, a costume-designer and a make-up artist who went searching for eye-catching forms in jewelry. Jolanta Gazda learned the goldsmithing trade in Warsaw-based Wytwórnia Antidotum under the eyes of trained professionals. 

The concept of Frou-Frou jewellery is based on a crocheting technique. Every single element is hand-made, prepared from scratch, woven out of dozens (often even hundreds) of meters of silver wire.

In her work Jolanda tries to modernise folk handicraft forms by rearranging their colourful thread into noble metal. In all Frou-Frou designs you will find a pure delicacy and ethereal transparency.

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