Katarzyna Kaznowska - Designer

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

KAZNOWSKA Original, creative jewellery.

Modern, but staying far from current trends and repeated patterns. Creative, but not closed within the boundaries of seemingly inaccessible art, placing focus on functionality and comfort of use. KAZNOWSKA is a synonym of artistic freedom, crossing the borders, searching for new textures and techniques. Seeing beauty in simple, organic forms and proving that creative energy may be transformed into matter. Into a jewellery that delights, that highlights the wearer’s style and helps reveal their unusual personality.

Katarzyna Kaznowska Artist, designer, manufacturer. Woman of success. Mother.

She is excellent in combining all of those roles just in the same way as she chooses the elements of her jewellery. She was born in 1981 in Szczecin, she discovered her passion for design in Warsaw and she perfected her skills in jewellery at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Today, in her hometown, she has her own workshop where he designs and manufactures her own creative accessories made of silver, crystals and gems. She cooperates with one of the biggest networks of jewellery shops in Poland – W. Kruk and with several art galleries in Poland and in Europe. She also realises special orders for individual clients.

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