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Updated: Mar 12, 2019

We are a couple in life and at work. Together we are absolutely different and absolutely completed as well. Our jewellery design is inspired by the world around and strongly connected with our childhood.

We come from Kracow in Poland and we grew up in 80’s. Sebastian, as a child, was a little architect, a Lego blocks builder with no manual. In contrast, manual was always needed for me. These two ways are connected with our personalities and paths that we took.

Sebastian has Degree of Goldsmith Master and silver was his first love and is still close to his heart. I‘m a fashion designer, after graduation I was a clothes designer for 5 years. But I discovered that designing in fashion is changing day by day, is not durable and I prefer to create something that despite passage of time is still recognised as a piece of art. At school I had jewellery classes and silver craft became my second and last love.

The differences between us are still visible in our work. Sebastian is designing sitting at the workshop desk with no drawings or caressed details. Time for details comes always later, last but not the least. My designs start with paper and pencil in hand, creating shapes that appear on the horizon of my mind.

So these two different ways of perception and work make us create something together.

My love to asymmetry keeps fighting with Sebastian’s clear arrangement and symmetry. The consequence of our ‘fights’ leads us to the success of our work. Such way of working gives a great boost to creation.

We have common love to silver and gold. We are attracted to those materials because of it’s long history and value. Our objects are truly unrelenting, so there is a chance that will remain when we pass. We are also intrigued by the possibilities of new technology in making jewellery, but our sense of beauty and aesthetic never let us be dedicated modern technology followers. Sebastian working in gold puts a lot of heart sweat and tears into it. Making custom jewellery makes us really content and fulfilled. Our pieces are 100% hand crafted.

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